"In 2011 I fell in love with a charity called WeSeeHope, which works with children orphaned or isolated by poverty in Southern and Eastern Africa. By the end of the year I had been to Africa to visit some of their projects; sitting with some teenagers living on a rubbish dump and seeing the power of human spirit to soar above even the most devastating circumstances. I flew home determined to help." 

"In 2012 I organised a yearlong fundraiser for the charity, which culminated in running 12 marathons in 12 days and raised £150,000. This charity has and always will be a huge inspiration to me, and so I will constantly strive to support them however I can."


To celebrate your awesome decision to sign up to one of my bridal programmes I will be giving 25% from every programme to WeSeeHope. I believe the work this charity does builds a brighter future for thousands of children and young people, and I want MyWeddingPT to play a part in that journey.



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